Understanding Injury Law


Torts are civil wrongs committed against a person, a group or a legal entity. These are civil matters that involve private person’s, they have no relationship to criminal proceedings and have an entirely different standard of proof, which a preponderance of the evidence. We are all familiar with these types of cases because they represent medical malpractice, car accidents, slip and fall cases, work injuries, workers comp and accidents of all kinds big and small. One thing that is true is that you need a top notch attorney by your side if you are facing an injury case.


A tortfeasor is the bad guy in personal injury law. They are the ones who have caused the victim’s injuries, pain, suffering, loss of wages, and they and the people who represent them are being brought to court. In our civil system, it is often the insurance company that the tortfeasor has a policy that is being charged. This is true in a car accident, a slip and fall at a corporation or even in products liability cases. You typically are going against insurance defense attorneys.


Civil cases of all types are based on torts and damages. You have to have a wrongdoer, and the goal is always to recover some compensation. In injury law, the focus is on collecting money for the inconvenience, hardships, injuries, pain, suffering and mental anguish that the tortfeasor’s actions have caused the victim. A good attorney will have a track record of helping clients receive the maximum amount of damages. A good attorney will also be relentless when it comes to getting a settlement for their client. So it is all about show me the money. You can even track an attorney’s worth to you by the amount that they have been able to get other people.

Using An Attorney

When most people think about personal injury law, they immediately think about personal injury attorneys and the services they provide. We have all seen commercials that are sometimes comical, but injury law is very serious business. When you are facing injury, missing work, a loss of wages, high medical bills– a personal injury attorney is the only one who can help you. Luckily many great personal injury attorneys are up to the job and who will fight your case with vigor. So your first call should always be to a personal injury attorney.

Putting It All Together

As you can now see, injury law is a big part of the law in all countries. There are more bodily harm cases every year than any other type of legal matter. What this means is that personal injury is a huge field with tons of attorneys who specialize in this area of the law. If you are a victim of an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, then please do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer who will get you the justice that you deserve.

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