Should You Hire A Lawyer For A Separation Agreement?

If you are contemplating separating from your spouse, an attorney can work with you to help make the process easier. For those who choose not to hire an attorney, they will have to create their own separation agreement. However, even though the agreement that you create on your own will be legally binding and you will have a witness to bear both signatures, it is likely you may leave out some pertinent information in the agreement. On the other hand, the attorney you hire will ensure that your rights are covered in a separation agreement.


What Is The Role Of A Divorce Attorney In a Separation Agreement?

Do you think that your separation will eventually lead to divorce? If so, it will be in your best interest to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The lawyer may be able to assist you in several ways during the process including:

  • Negotiating for a settlement that is fair and is favorable on your behalf
  • Acting as your advocate during all legal proceedings
  • Referring you to other professionals such as accountants who may be able to assist you
  • Providing you with a complete review of your case and informing you of your rights and obligations
  • Finding the best child custody arrangement

The Best Way To Choose A Separation/Divorce Lawyer

separation-lawA separation can be just as emotional as a divorce. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to hire a qualified and knowledgeable attorney. However, when you make the decision to hire an attorney, you must be prepared to be completely honest with your legal counsel. You will have to be open about personal events even if they do not place you in the most positive light.

Your relationship with your legal counsel must be based on mutual trust and understanding for you to have the best chance of a favorable outcome. The good news is that the client-attorney confidentiality agreement will help to keep your private information private. Clients can support this relationship by attending all scheduled meetings with their attorneys and making notes of each session.

You should feel comfortable with the lawyer that you hire. Your legal counsel should be competent and make you feel confident as you proceed further with the separation process. Experienced lawyers should be able to inform you clearly of your responsibilities and your rights. If you have any concerns or questions, the lawyer should be able to address them to you, so you understand.

The attorney that you hire should also be familiar with the separation laws in your state. Because separations and divorces are handled at the state level, it is critical to find an attorney that stays abreast of any changes in these laws. Also, ask the lawyer if they have had experience working with clients that had cases similar to yours.

It is important that a separation agreement is crafted correctly, so the document covers your case completely. It can be difficult to overturn or request additional items once a legal agreement has been signed off by both parties. Hiring an attorney will ensure that your side of the story is heard and represented in court.