Top 10 Reasons To Become A Lawyer


Being a lawyer requires not only confidence but also courage. It is an extraordinary calling considering the amount of commitment and cash that you will have to put into it. Therefore, before you commit to joining the law career, you need to take time and learn as much as you can. Below are ten reasons explaining the benefits of working as an attorney. However, remember that the career has its downside as well.

#1- Prestige

For many decades, working as a lawyer has been prestigious. Remarkable degrees, authority over others and free levels, just to mention a few, are the highlights of this profession. Lawyers are placed in the elite category of professionals who not only command respect but also define success. The amazing thing is that they still enjoy the attention years later until today lawyers enjoy the glamorous image portrayed by the media.

#2- Earning potential

Globally, lawyers are some of the highest paid professionals. They are also paid higher than other professionals within the legal industry. Their salary is greater than the national average. Most lawyers earn an average of $110,590 while the highest paid lawyers take a million or more home annually. All the same, not all lawyers make the big bucks. This is because lawyers’ salary depends on the experience level, employer’s capability and the geographic region. Lawyers working in major law firms, metropolitan cities and in highly sought specialties have the largest incomes.

#3- Intellectual challenge

If you are looking to work in a career that requires an intellectual capability to survive, then being an attorney might be a top choice. Lawyers deal with intellectually demanding situations such as mergers, assisting in patent trade, developing a strategy to win a trial, among many other mind-breaking tasks. This makes them analysts, innovative thinkers and problem solvers who must use their intellect in doing their job.

#4- Opportunity to help others

During their career life, lawyers have the unique chance of assisting organizations, groups, and individuals by helping them solve their legal issues. Public interest attorneys are even better placed since they campaign for legal causes that are geared towards the good of society and helping the people who might be in need of legal assistance, but they cannot afford to pay a lawyer. The attorneys who are in private practice usually do pro bono work. This means assisting the low-income people and underserved portions of the population like children, domestic violence victims and the elderly.

#5- Diverse practice areas

With the evolution of the legal profession, there is a rise in industry segmentation. It has led to a wide array of sub-specialties. This means that there are now more areas where attorneys can work. Lawyers are allowed to specialize in one or more of the niche areas. Some of the specialties include medical law, civil law, criminal law, employment law, and foreclosure law.

#6- Transferable skills

After studying law and you do not want to practice it, you can venture into other opportunities. This is because a law career acts as a stepping stone to other careers. The skills you gain from law school will go a long way in enhancing your performance in a wide array of other separate jobs. They include meditation, academia, writing, legal consulting and management.

#7- Work environment

Most lawyers get job opportunities in government, corporations and law firms. In an era where cubicles have become the order of the day at workplaces, attorneys are privileged to work in an office with four walls. Lawyers working in larger companies have the opportunity to work in a plush office, adequate support staff and other office perks such as box seats at sporting events and gym membership.

#8- Flexibility

Lawyers are flexible in that they can set their office hours, choose their practice areas, set their desired fees and select their practice areas. The job is supple such that the attorney can take some few hours or a day off to attend to personal issues.

#9- Global influence

Lawyers are seen as leaders since they have the power to change societal changes. For decades, attorneys have been at the pinnacle of the society. They rule the courts, hold influential positions in government and write laws. In the roles they play, they can impact leaders and significant policy makers thus affecting change around the world.

#10- Other perks

As a lawyer, you enjoy a lot of perks. For instance, some lawyers travel around the globe to participate in depositions, business deals, trials, and arbitrations. Other attorneys interact with renowned business leaders, sports figures, politicians, celebrities, and politicians. Another advantage is the training they go through. It equips them with critical thinking, analytical and reasoning skills that give them a brand perspective of the world.

To Conclude …

In case you are thinking about becoming a lawyer, then you are on the right track. The ten factors above are reasons why being an attorney is advantageous. You can even ask Dean Franco who currently works at a law firm in Penticton, BC who’s used those ten factors to get to where he is today. Hope they will help you make an enlightened decision.

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