Best Ways For Lawyers To Get Traffic And Leads With SEO

seo for lawyers

Lawyers need to find new leads to keep their business going, and you will be in the same boat. You will know the business you have set up is only going to work when you have significant cases to work on that are going to propel you forward.

How do you go about finding these new cases and clients as soon as possible?

You have to start looking at a good SEO campaign that is going to guide you home. Here is more on what the best ways are for good lawyers to get traffic and leads with SEO.

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1) Set Up Readable Blog

“You have to put together a regular blog that is going to be used to create a better site.” comments Christopher Brewster, an SEO consultant for lawyers in Kelowna, BC. “You want to connect with people beyond a general site that talk about what you do. Look at specific cases that might be popular at the time and discuss how they should be dissected.” Christopher offers more advice on his site at

You don’t want to talk about your cases, but other public cases can be a fruitful blog post in the future.

Even generic content that helps prospective clients is a nice touch to help you rank and drive in traffic. Make sure to optimize these posts when they are put up with the right keywords.


2) Interact Through Social Media

You will have to set up a social media account. It does not matter whether you like social media or not. It is a necessity for your SEO aspirations. You won’t be able to rank as quickly when you don’t have social media accounts in place.

It is a hassle that you won’t want to take at all.

Be smart about your approach to any SEO campaign and then look at how you can interact. It is the only way to go for those who want to remain safe and see results.

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3) Aim Locally

You can’t keep going after keywords that are not reasonable. You don’t want to go after the keyword “lawyer”. It does not make sense, and you will never rank. Every website in the legal niche is going after that word. You have to dig deeper and stay local.

You want to go after things such as “best lawyer in kelowna” and go from there. People are going to do these searches, and you want to be there as the best site on page one. Do this and you will notice an upsurge immediately.

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4) Build Connections With Local Sites

You want to do the same as you would offline. The goal is to set up relationships that are going to help both businesses. Many related niches are going to need connections with legal clients. You will be able to help them and in return get clicks to your site which is all about creating backlinks that are authoritative and will contribute to pushing the site.

It is these little things that make a difference for your SEO campaigns.

These are the things that will change how you go about getting traffic. The age-old ways are not going to work, but SEO is a must in this day and age. You just have to focus on this and do a good job at it as well to see results, or you will falter.

There are many ways of tackling SEO, but the tips given here are stated from experts who have been in this niche and understand how it works. You can’t rank without these four factors playing a role in what you are doing and how it all comes together for you.