Laws Associated With Private Security Services

The Law that establishes procedures and the legal basis associated with private security services in regards to public security covers issues that are associated with, the granting of private security as well as supervision, audit and licensing of companies and individuals that provide these private security services.

The Private Security Commission

The decisions associated with any private security that is in place by the Law are all taken by what is known as the Private Security Commission that will be presided by a Deputy Governor that has been assigned by a Governor. This Commission is comprised of one representative for each Provincial Police Department, Provincial Corps, a Chairmanship from the Chamber of Commerce as well as a Chairmanship from the Chamber of Industry.

A representative for an organization or an individual that submits an application for the purpose of obtaining a permit for private security, or abolishment or termination of these services will participate as one of the members to relevant meetings held by the Commission.

About Private Security Permits

According to the Laws, individuals can be guarded with either private security units or armed personnel or established in institutions or establishments or a security service can be used for private companies once authorization has been received by the Governorship decision made by the Commission.

When it comes to stage performances, concerts, meetings or other types of public events or the need to transport valuables or money urgently, a permit for private security can be granted by only the Governor that will not be associated with a requirement of a decision made by the Commission.

Private Security Companies

The engagement of the businesses in the industry of private security will be subjected to the permission granted by the Ministry of Interior Affairs. For an operation license to be given to such a company, shares for this company have to be registered, and the field of activities has to be restricted to only security and guarding services.

Managers for a private-security company are required to:

•Have graduated from a university or a college with a minimum of 4 years of study.


•Not have been barred from the public rights.

•Completed successfully necessary training in private security courses that cover practical and theoretical training along with gun training. The training will need to total 120 hours of course work.

However Guardian Force, a private security company told us “It takes a lot more than the minimum experience you need to become a manager for a private security company. This may take years or even decades of experience. It is vital that the manager has this much experience, if not, the information passed down to the recruits will not be accurate.”

Licenses To Carry And Posses A Gun

The Commission is responsible for deciding the features and a number of firearms that will be allowed. This will depend on the type of security or guarding service. Employment of private security that carries guns will not be permitted in areas such as health centers, training institutions, and education centers.

Equipment and weapons that are employed in security and guard services must be provided by a related organization or individual. The private security sectors are not allowed to possess or purchase firearms. However, they can obtain a license to use or carry a gun for the purposes related to security service, temporary guards, and transportation of valuables or money.

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