Personal Trainer Liability Insurance – Giving You Peace Of Mind On The Job

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Being a personal trainer can be both a rewarding and satisfying career. Helping active sportspeople to tweak their abilities, refine their skills and improve their chances of a real involvement in the sport they love, can bring great feelings of fulfillment to the trainer, as well as the trainee.

Even if you’re not training the world’s next athletes, helping everyday people to improve their health, strengthen their stamina and increase their general feeling of well-being is an excellent way to spend a day at work!

Of course, when choosing this line of work, ensuring that you have the correct liability insurance is crucial to giving you peace of mind should an incident occur. So what types of things do personal trainer liability insurance cover? How can you choose a policy that is right for you? Let’s find out!

Generally speaking, liability insurance is designed to protect you from allegations of negligence on the part of a client. Such claims can include slander, injury due to improper training or sexual harassment.

Liability should cover the trainer within the following areas:

  • Injury to the body
  • Loss of earning on the part of the client
  • Medical expenses
  • Attorney fees

So now that you know what a good liability insurance policy should cover, how can you make sure you get one that will deliver?

Ask The Right Questions

For an insurance company to provide you with the correct liability insurance cover, they need to know details of your working day. Make sure you provide them with all the details you can think of and don’t be afraid to ask them continuously whether each and every aspect of your work life is included within the policy.

Don’t Presume That Your Gym Has You Covered!

Granted gyms tend to hold their liability insurance, but don’t automatically assume that it includes you as an individual. Since liability insurance policies are priced reasonably and competitively, it is a much better idea to get yourself covered personally, to avoid any nasty surprises in the event of an incident.

Know The Policy Types

fitness instructor with clipboardLiability insurance policies tend to fall into three categories; Professional Liability, Premises Liability and Personal Injury Liability.

You may only need one type of insurance cover, then again you may need all three! The best way to understand which cover you require is to talk in depth to an insurance company about your needs.

For example, if you work at a gym that already holds liability insurance cover, a company may advise you against opting for Premises Liability. Remember, if in doubt it’s always better to have the lid than spend every day worrying about a lawsuit!

Consider A Few Additional Coverages

While most of the necessary policies will cover the main alleged claim areas, there is always an abundance of additional coverages which you can add on to your system. While some of these may be of little or no use to you, others may prove more than worthwhile.

The secret to knowing which additional coverages to opt for is knowing your job inside out. What clients do you train? What are the activities? What is required of you as a trainer? Understanding your role will aid you greatly in deciding which, if any, add-ons you should go for.

Enjoying a career as a personal trainer comes with many advantages and can contribute to an exceptional feeling of job satisfaction. To ensure that you have peace of mind on the job opt for a personal insurance cover that matches the needs and requirements of your job role perfectly.