Using SEO As A Cost Effective Marketing Strategy For Law Firms

lawyer seo marketing strategies

Did you know that one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies that people can use today is search engine optimization? It is an approach that involves implementing multiple techniques that can help any website reach the first page of the search engine listings, typically for longtail keywords. It is also very effective when ranking for local keyword terms, regardless of what business you are in. Many law firms today use PPC traffic, not only because they can afford to do so, but it provides very fast and accurate results. However, more attorneys than ever before are shifting their advertising budget over to search engine optimization, taking advantage of the long-term results that can be achieved. Here are the reasons that SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that law firms can use, plus the exact techniques that are implemented to get page 1 results.

Why Search Engine Optimization Is So Effective

SEO is a very effective strategy for some different reasons. First of all, the algorithms have changed in a very positive way. They only require a few specific strategies to be implemented on your website to be considered for top positions which are very true for local businesses where the competition for keywords is very minimal. Richard Bible from the Las Vegas SEO Consultants states “By targeting longtail keyword phrases, you can attain page 1 positions within a few weeks, if not sooner, especially when using very specific strategies. These procedures would include using images and embedded videos on every page that you post.” Richard has more information about SEO for lawyers which you can check out at

It’s also recommended that every page has unique content. If you can place every post into its designated category linking all of the posts together that are discussing similar topics, can help improve your positioning very quickly. It is also necessary to build a series of backlinks pointing to your website from different Web 2.0 properties. It’s a good idea to start with Facebook, then moved to blogs and then forums, all of which can help you improve your search engine positioning.

Why SEO Strategies Work So Well For Law Firms

The reason that these strategies are so beneficial for attorneys and law firms is that they are often facing tiny competition. In a small town, for example, there are likely only a few lawyers that are offering their services, making local keyword terms very easy to rank for. In larger cities, it is still a viable strategy because not all law firms are using SEO. As mentioned earlier, these professionals have quite a bit of money and can, therefore, afford to do PPC advertising, yet only a few of them will use search engine optimization which is what makes it so compelling.

It is always recommended that a law firm uses a professional SEO agency. Attorneys are busy enough without having to face the learning curve of how to do search engine optimization, plus they may not get the same quality of results. Best of all, the cost of using an SEO professional is going to be minimal in comparison to PPC. For the same price, they may be able to rank for a multitude of keywords in the top position, allowing them to drive thousands of targeted visitors to their website every day.